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Greetings, agents and new recruits!

The time has come to build your decks and crush a couple of monsters in a free demo of CCG Panoptes.

We are happy to introduce you to a full-fledged chapter of the main campaign of the collectible card game Panoptes, which will be released at the end of the year.

You are the head of an autonomous clandestine organization called simply "The Club". Your agents have a lot in store for them: they will travel in search for ancient relics, puzzle out the organization's machinations, face supernatural creatures, inexplainable anomalies and otherworldly monsters.

Attention! Panoptes is still under development. There will still be a lot of changes in the future. This version is an early-access demo. And your feedback has a real chance of influencing the final product.

The current Steam version is still in early access and we ask that you do not buy it yet to spare you the disappointment. That old version lacks the story and our new UI. We are planning on updating it in November as soon as the game gets more narrative content.

GenreCard Game
Average sessionA few hours


Panoptes Demo Build


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how is the game going? I still remember this well and anxious to record more of it.

Hello, I love the game. I would love to record the whole game when it is done, did you submit this on the gamejolt website? If you did let me know so I can rate it. again great game. 5/5. Gameplay link is attached.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

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Hello, Fellowplayer!
We are glad you liked our game and gameplay video you did is great too!
We didn't submit Panoptes Demo at Gamjolt.com, because it does not allow to publish the demos of commercial projects. But we are going to post it on other indie sites. We will let you know, when it appears.
Join us at Facebook to know more about Panoptes.
Thank you and good luck!

I have finished the video I will do and will upload tomorrow, however I could not progress towards the end because during a dialogue moment I saw a lot of black lines and blanc text boxes appear and there was no way to skip or continue the dialogue. It freezes mid way. I go to my arsenal to try to reset the scene but it just repeats itself again, even after restarting. As a result I was not able to finish it or load a previous file.

I hope I have made sense explaining the problem. This was all after I did a few failures after the sallyport assault. Anyway when you release the full game please let me know this is quiet popular both on and off my camera and the full game would be fun to do.

It is really big pleasure to know, that people are interested and waiting for release of Panoptes game!
Thank you for your report, we will work to solve this problem.

Sure, we will attent you when the game will be ready and released. Good day to you!